Here are some videos of Mathias Heise playing harmonica or keyboards.

Always and forever – Mathias Heise/Pelle von Bülow

Para mi madre – Mathias Heise/Pelle von Bülow

Soft mind – Mathias Heise feat. Zac Williams

Don Shufflefunk – Mathias Heise and Mathias Heise

Spain – Mathias Heise, Mathias Heise, Mathias Heise, Mathias Heise, Mathias Heise and Mathias Heise

Days of wine and roses – Mathias Heise/Pelle von Bülow

Mr P.C. – Mathias Heise solo

Para Mi Madre – with DR Big Band

Chameleon – with DR Big Band

(Keyboard intro by Mathias Heise – harmonica solo begins at 15:38)

Damn Good Coffee – Mathias Heise Quadrillon

Man vs nature – Mathias Heise Quadrillon

Killer Joe – with Will Harris

Up On The Housetop/Here Comes Santa Claus – with Kristin Korb Trio

Isn’t She Lovely – with Christian Sands

Turnaround – with Christian Sands

Sudden Ascent – Mathias Heise Quadrillon

Electroshock (official video) – Mathias Heise Quadrillon

Coughing in a cool café (official video) – Mathias Heise Quadrillon 

Harmonica Jam #3 – Mathias Heise solo

The Chicken – Mathias Heise solo harmonica 

See more videos on Mathias Heise’s YouTube channel